Berlin Transit

139.00 kr

A novel about an epochal shift that changed the world and the people who lived through it.

Thirty years after the dismantling of the Berlin wall, the author Harry Coralli and his students at the Sorbonne look back at the collapse of the GDR. Together, they regard themselves, literature, and the present’s relationship to the past.

Softcover with flaps, 200 pages, Swedish. 



Berlin Transit. Det oavslutade is a high-spirited game of identity, packed with historical detail and erudite perspectives, where the various characters look back from the Paris of today to East and West Berlin in the 1980s and up to the fall of the wall in 1989. It is a novel with a youthful gaze, in which Sorbonne students confront the two narrators, Harry and Truls, with their problems and questions about history and life. In the background is always the history of the divided city and the black-and-white world, Anna Blume and love.


Ulf Peter Hallberg was born in Malmö, but lives in Berlin since 1983. He is the author of several acclaimed novels and has been translated into six languages. In 2018, Hallberg was awarded the Kellgren Prize by the Swedish Academy.

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