Spleen Nordic is a cosmopolitan publishing house. 

Based in Stockholm, Berlin and London, we’re aiming in two directions. We publish the best Nordic classics and contemporary writers in English, Swedish and other languages.We have also published classic writers like Marcel Proust, Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht and will continue to publish updated foreign classics of this kind in Sweden.  


Until we get our e-shop up and running, you can order all our books by visiting: Ad Libris 

Or, if you are outside Sweden: Book Depository  

Alternatively, you can order our books by emailing: spleenbooks@gmail.com

Rökarens blick – currently out of stock

£13.30 (169 SEK) Berlin Transit incl. shipping within Sweden

£14.09 (179 SEK) Strindbergs Skugga incl. shipping within Sweden

£25.99 (299 SEK) Family Life incl. shipping within Sweden