Strindbergs skugga

169.00 kr

An historical love-novel about the conditions of art.

The novel takes us through the literary and artistic life in 1880s Copenhagen, and in it we meet the big questions of our own time about love, art and self-realisation. Does anyone have the right to sacrifice another for art? What is the role of sexuality? Why do we betray each other and for what? Is Strindberg crazy? Who speaks the truth?

Softcover with flaps, 268 pages.



When the young linguistic genius Knud Wiisby is employed by the Casino Theatre in Copenhagen as a go-between in their dealings with the notorious playwright August Strindberg, he meets the woman of his dreams, the ballerina Anne Aretino. In this panorama of the Scandinavian Belle Époque, viewed from Copenhagen, the Paris of the North, we meet a cast of artists, lovers and strugglers battling the questions of our own time. Ulf Peter Hallberg’s novel in a new edition, with added historical material and new chapters.


Ulf Peter Hallberg was born in Malmö, but lives in Berlin since 1983. He has published several novels and been translated into six languages. In 2018, Hallberg was awarded the Kellgren Prize by the Swedish Academy.

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