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An ingenious analysis of identity and the theatre.

In five insightful texts, KENT SJÖSTRÖM’s collection of essays, The Smoker’s Gaze, tests the strength of Brecht’s arguments in relation to contemporary and historical questions of acute relevance.

Softcover with flaps, 130 pages. 



Kent Sjöström discusses the critical, reflexive and pleasurable gaze that Brecht strove to achieve through his theatre for smokers. Bertolt Brecht (1898–1956) is one of the twentieth century’s greatest theatrical reformers through his radical questioning of art’s relationship to society and the actor’s tradition of representation. In the ongoing debate about the theatrical arts – and the contemporary discussion within the theatre about representation and identity in general – Brecht’s historical and political grand view is indispensable.


Kent Sjöström is Associate Professor at Malmö Theatre Academy, where he teaches the theory and practice of theatre, and performance arts.

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