Richard II och framtiden

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An honest discussion in blank verse about hope, decline, and the meaning of art in the glare of a changing world.

A small theatre in London, closed. The year is 1593. Outside, the plague rages like wildfire. A third of the population face death. An unexpected visitor from the future appears as a messenger.

In the abandoned theatre, Shakespeare’s favourite actors, Burby and Kempe, rehearse the text that will become Richard II. Their isolation is broken when Esther, a young woman from Hungary on a journey through time, storms in. Her thoughts and questions pour over the stage.

She tells of starry nights in India, Marlowe’s murder, Órban’s Hungary, Pink Floyd and Tinder. What message does she bring from the future?

A new play by “one of Sweden’s most important living writers”, Ulf Peter Hallberg’s Richard II and the Future is an honest discussion of hope, decline, and the meaning of art in the glare of a changing world.

Softcover with flaps, 109 pages, Swedish.


Richard II and the Future is a drama in blank verse, a poetic tale about William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, the theatre in Elizabethan London, and Esther’s life. In this time-travelling story that journeys through the Renaissance’s darkness, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the political dilemmas raging in present-day Eastern Europe, and the ravaging Corona pandemic, the author shows a world afflicted with chaos and disease.
This new play by Ulf Peter Hallberg, called “one of Sweden’s most important living writers”, also reveals an author and playwright at the height of his craft, spinning a virtuosic tale with his characteristic humour, surreality and sharp attention to the world around him and its relationship to history and the past.
Ulf Peter Hallberg was born in Malmö, but lives in Berlin since 1983. In 2017, he was awarded the Letterstedt Association’s Translation Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and in 2018 the Kellgren Prize from the Swedish Academy. His latest novel is Berlin Transit. The Unfinished (2019).


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