Family Life: The Artist’s Hidden Secrets

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Through images and words, Lars Embäck pieces together the truth about his tormented upbringing.

A father and a mother are scarred in separate traffic accidents. In the family home, the effects of their trauma ring like an echo in the lives of their children.

Several decades later, Lars Embäck explores and processes memories of a complicated childhood through writing, drawing and collage. In parallel, the past as it has been preserved in medical records, official transcripts, photographs and newspaper cuttings are open to him and the reader. Together, the two parts reflect each other like changeable repetitions in an elusive pattern.

Softcover, 152 pages.



Family Life is the culmination of more than two decades of exhibitions, artworks and installations in which the artist Lars Embäck has tried to address the legacy of his difficult childhood and his relationship to his troubled parents.


Lars Embäck was born in Gothenburg in 1955. Since 1982, he has lived and worked in Malmö.

The book includes a short introduction by Ulf Peter Hallberg and an afterword by William Crona on the artist and his context.


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